STATIK LNK - Replicants



STATIK LNK PACKS is back with the 2nd volume in the library series with the new library album, Replicants. Inspired by the movies Blade Runner and Blade Runner2049, STATIK LNK crafts 10 new tracks using the same vintage synths used to score the movie mixed with his own unique sound. Each track creates a soundscape that is ethereal, other worldly, and futuristic. This collection of sounds is STATIK LNK’s most unique sample set to date. As always, Guarantees sample clearance with no issues.

STATIK LNK samples have been featured on tracks featuring Termanology, Curren$y, Fuse from 808 Mafia, OG Maco, Keysha Freshh, and more

Master Clearance Guaranteed - Read the License Here

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