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Selling Beats Online using Social Media - Airbit Facebook Pixel Integration

December 24, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

Facebook makes advertising to your fans and potential customers (audiences) nearly fool proof. With a little technical knowledge selling beats online just got magnitudes easier by using Airbit and their Facebook Pixel Integration. The power of Airbit's Facebook Pixel Integration is in its ability to track visitors (Facebook users) to...

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Serato Sample Challenge + Drum Broker Give Away

December 06, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

This month we are giving away a copy of Serato Sample to coincide with their $10,000 #seratosamplechallenge  All qualifying Drum Broker purchases for the month of December count as a single entry into the giveaway. So if you buy something in December, you're automatically entered to win! We'll announce the...

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MSXII Sound Design - Lo-Fly Dirt iOS Audio Plugin

Lo-Fly Dirt by MSXII An audio coloration utility plugin featuring individual modes for classic emulation of some iconic music production tools. This tool is meant to bring character, or "dirt" to your incoming audio signals.Lo-Fly Dirt installs as an Audio Unit effect for hosts that support the format such as...

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DJ-Pain 1: G Koop discusses Sampling & Producing Bad & Boujee

September 20, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

Many people don't know Gkoop also produced Bad and Boujee, I Got the Keys, It's a Vibe, and many more hit singles. I asked him if he wanted more credit/exposure for these beats. He also speaks on sampling and his opinion of it in this Beatstars exclusive interview. bad and...

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Serato Sample & Propellerhead's Reason 9.5 - The Missing Link

September 12, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

I've been a Reason user and fan since version 3.0 and like all Propellerhead Reason users, we always have to wait an insanely long time for features that other DAW's incorporate early in development (emphasis on insanely long time). With the recent release of Reason 9.5 we finally got VST's:...

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Beatmaking Video - Cookin Soul x MSXII

The homie Cookin Soul just dropped a dope beatmaking video featuring some dope drum samples by the MSXII Sound Design Team. Cookin Soul flips a sample using Ableton Live and Push 2 controller + some break beats from MSXII's "The Breaks Collective"    

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The Disruptive Producer

June 20, '17 by Travis Brady , Tagged: Videos

You may be familiar with the idea of disruptive technology or disruptive innovation, but if you’re not well define it quickly using wikipedia: A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leading...

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Beatmaking Video - Behind The Beats with Marco Polo

The Drum Broker teamed up with Hip Hop Producer and master of the Akai MPC for a behind the scenes look into Marco Polo's beatmaking process and daily grind! Marco Polo fans and fellow beatmakers will thoroughly enjoy this piece. One of our favorite "Behind The Beat Videos" to date....

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