Enter "Inspiration for Hire Vol. II" by Beatnick Dee:

I just dropped a collection of songs ranging from Salsa, Prog Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Modern Soul, Fusion, and exotic sounds from around the world. I love the mystique and intrigue of private press records, so there’s some of that in there as well. Hopefully it’ll inspire people to go digging, to DJ, or to open up the beat machine and make music. Maybe it’ll put someone in the zone, or inspire them to try a new idea.

It’s not always current music that inspires me to create. Sometimes old music can do just as much as anything current, and not necessarily just for sampling. Studying a song, how it was recorded, how certain instruments were mic’d up or panned can really help crack the code on production techniques that can still be applied to modern music. -Beatnick Dee