With the launch of Propellerhead’s Reason 7 on the horizon, now is a good time to brush up on your Reason production skills! Along with every incremental release of Prop’s production software comes a rush of excitement to get back to the beats and start playing with new features! When it comes to Propellerhead Reason tutorials, we are often inundated with EDM/Electronica centric how-to videos dubbed with corny British accents. As a hip hop producer & beatsmith it can be frustrating finding applicable tutorials and techniques centered around hip hop production. Don’t get me wrong, the EDM/Electronica guys have skills and we can apply most of their techniques to hip hop production (or production in general for that matter), however nothing truly beats a well done tutorial geared towards true heads!

Enter “Reason To Work”, a new site geared towards hip hop beatmakers and producers using Propellerhead’s Reason. Reason To Work, is the brainchild of Stompboxx Music’s M.Simp.

Press Release:

M.Simp is launching the producer requested site, www.reasontowork.com on 3.19.13!  After 3 years of operation in Stompboxx, we have constantly received inquiries from young, up & coming producers about our technique behind the boards, marketing schemes, business practices, and overall approach to the industry as independents.  Reason To Work will serve as an outlet to anyone that wants to journey with us musically.  M.Simp will cover production topics in Propellerheads Reason such as compression, gating, drum layering, arrangement and programming.  In addition to these topics, the site will also feature exclusive interviews from industry movers that will share their insight on the game.  So much is ahead and we look forward to building with you!
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Video Tutorials:

Reason to work features excellent step by step video tutorials (free) on various production techniques including everything from parallel compression to routing Kong to 16-Outs.

Check out this example on routing Kong to 16-Outs: