I’ve been contemplating this specific topic for a while and this video (via Crate Kings) reiterated what I had already planned on writing about. It was refreshing and I think everyone should take notes.

The new generation of beat makers (we will call them the instant gratification camp) are overly concerned with selling their beats & living off their music. What most of these new jacks don’t understand is that it takes years upon years of networking and building to achieve any level of “success” in any industry. The music industry is no different. Of course, there are the exceptions to the rule or the “outliers” who seemingly stumble into placements or become overnight super producer sensations. Whether its luck, being at the right place at the right time, hard work, or raw talent… some people just seem to make it happen regardless.

However, for the rest of us, we are most likely going to have to work alot harder and will likely never achieve the level of “success” that some beatmakers and producers seem to enjoy. The problem with the instant gratification camp, is that they have grown up in an era where “here today, gone tomorrow” is the motto. Blogs and media constantly feed them the next best thing, hottest rapper, producer, product, etc. They have been brainwashed by mainstream media to believe that success is material, monetary, and otherwise lacking any sort of passion. To them, success is only chasing placements on the next major label release.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Success is purely subjective. For one beatmaker, hearing his favorite rapper over a beat he created is success. To another, a major label placement and a nice check satisfies his condition. And to a third, merely creating a beat hes happy with is all that is required. At some point you have to ask yourself why do you make beats, produce, and contribute to culture. Is it because your passionate about it? Do you enjoy it? Is it your hobby? Are you trying to get rich? Then define success for yourself. Ask yourself what level of success you can realistically achieve within the music industry.

For some of us this is a hobby that we are passionate about. Maybe we have never sold a beat, collaborated with an Artist, licensed our music, etc. For the lucky few, its a job, a grind, and a career choice. Whatever category you fit into, you have to love this and be passionate about it. That should be the first and foremost reason to create music make beats.

So my answer to all the new jacks questions of “How can I sell my beats”, “How can I make money doing music”, “Whats the best way to sell beats”, is…

Quit trying to make money making beats and “producing”. Chill. Make beats and perfect your craft, be passionate, and do it for the love. The saying is cliche, but the money will follow! It won’t for everyone, but for a lucky few it will.

Quit putting the cart before the horse and look to someone like Mr. Kavet the Catalyst for inspiration.

In the meantime read Beattips.com article “The Bad Odds and Low Probability of Beat Placement Success”, its a great read!