Minty Breaks Vol. 3 (Digital Download)

Minty Breaks Vol. 3 (Digital Download)

55 more rare Break Beats so fresh we had to call em Minty for a 3rd time! Minty Breaks 3  is a collection of 55 rare break beats collected and assembled for your chopping and looping pleasure. Our digging team got their fingers dusty so you don't have to!

Don't sleep on these breaks, this is one of our finest collections yet!

Minty Breaks features:

  • 55 Ultra Rare Drum Breaks! Gems from the crates
  • Instructional slow awesomeness to crazy patterns and loops and everything in between.
  • Dirty Break Beats & Percussive Loops
  • Includes 24bit and 16bit versions for use in modern samplers and retro machines.
  • Sampled Raw & Ready for Processing

Sample Breaks (Lo-Fi) -

$24.99 USD